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Le Havre France

Saturday, 17 June 2017

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A glorious start to the day. Mild temperature and no sign of rain. We've decided to travel into the city on the shuttle and walk around on our own. The combination od the fine weather and the clean tidy streets made for a pleasant experience. There are numerous memorials and a pleasing variety of architectural styles. I'm no expert but it appears that the 'Art Nouveau' period has had a huge influence.

We walked for about three hours and while heading back to the pick-up point we observed a collision between a bus and a small car. The car was trying to cut in front of the bus which had just started to move. It appears that a small child on the bus may have been injured in the sudden stop. There were some raised voices, not least the mother of the child. There were plenty of witnesses so we decided to move on.

Returned to the ship without incident and had lunch on Deck 15.

Watched some TV and started the process of packing. We've been asked to leave our luggage outside our rooms before going to dinner. A lot of the clothing hasn't been used. No trouble accommodating the few purchases we've made.

Up to Deck 15 for our last dinner aboard. What we're wearing now will carry us through to Canterbury tomorrow evening.

Will post this tonight, being the last from aboard the Caribbean Princess. Clocks go back an hour tonight. Tomorrow we'll be travelling most of the day.
Until next time. Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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Day at Sea

Friday, 16 June 2017

A relaxing day at sea with little to do. With idle time to browse the future cruises, I latched onto a local trip on the Sea Princess. Round trip Sydney, 28 days around Australia. No air-fares, visas or overseas notifications. The date is a bit optimistic perhaps, 12 March 2019.

While we were down at the lower decks we called in on the Last Chance Outlet Sale !! A jumble sale of clothing and oddments at ridiculous discounts. We picked up two Tee Shirts and two Sweat Shirts, total ticketed retail $188.00, our price $46.76, all we need now is room in our luggage to get them home.

The lunch scene on Deck 15 was very busy with all passengers aboard. Most days there are one or two dishes that are interesting and it is easy to limit the amount on the plate. Today there were at least 6 that made it to the plate. Jenny was more selective.

Watched some TV in the stateroom, read some Kindle stories and dozed off too. I'm finding that the last few days of any cruise are somewhat anticlimactic. I reflect on all we've done and perhaps the missed opportunities as well and then start thinking of the next stage in this case. Sorry this posting is short and uninteresting.

Tomorrow we're in Le Havre where we intend to just explore the place at our own pace.

Until next time. Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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South Queensferry on the Firth of Forth

Thursday, 15 June 2017

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Today is a tendered port where the ship anchors off shore and we are taken ashore on the ship's tenders. They are small craft much like a lifeboat with a capacity of about 100 passengers. We are at anchor in the Firth of Forth on the seaward side of the Forth Railway bridge. The tenders ply from ship to shore all day taking about 50 minutes to complete the round trip. With two loading pontoons they move a surprising number of passengers.

We don't have an excursion booked here and decided to go ashore and just explore the village of South Queensferry. It is built on the banks of the Firth (Scottish for Fjord) and comprises many narrow, steep cobble stoned streets. Most structures are made of stone and varying in age and degree of refinement. Many walls feature layer of stones of different sizes and textures.

One building that attracted our attention was the 1440 vintage Priory Church. It is the only medieval Carmelite church in Britain still in use. It is set in a well tended walled garden and is obviously the pride of the parishioners.

The weather was kind and there were frequent patches of sunshine. After an hour or two and many photos we headed back to the tender jetty where we were sailed back to the ship. The water was calm and the ride back quite unremarkable. With most passengers ashore the lunch buffet was most pleasant and uncrowded.

We were two of only seven that attended the afternoon movie. That was reduced to six when Jenny decided to give up on the film "Passengers" starring Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen. An unlikely futuristic story of deep space travel where the two Passengers save the ship and 5000 hibernating crew and other humans from destruction.

A simple meal up on Deck 15 after which I watch the last of the tenders returning to the ship. The weather has become colder and windier as the ship is about to retrieve her anchor and we are ready to head out to sea at 19:00. Spent some time reconciling our on-board account to ensure there's no surprise when we disembark on Sunday. Our disembarkation documents have arrive and we don't have to leave the ship until 10:00 after which there's a short taxi ride to the Bus Station.

Nothing more to do before we advance the clocks by an hour before going to bed. The difference in time-zone is for our visit to France on Saturday.

A sea day tomorrow.

Until next time. Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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NorthEast Scotland Invergordon

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

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We arrived alongside a bare concrete pier connected to the shore by a long jetty. A fairly lengthy walk as the coaches are not able to come alongside the ship. We assembled in the Theatre for tour which started at 08:00. There was an issue with the number of passengers with disabilities and the number of seats reserved on the coach.

We set off to explore Scotland's NorthEast coast on a narrated drive that offers Highland scenery ranging from gentle farmland to wild moors. Our fist stop is Dornoch. This seaside resort town boasts the 13th century Dornoch Cathedral, the Old Town Jail, and the Bishop's Palace, which is now the well-known hotel. We had free time to shop and explore. From here we made our way to the Falls of Shin. one of the greatest salmon rivers in all of Scotland where the Atlantic salmon make their journey upstream to their spawning site. We didn't see any salmon but enjoyed the recently completed visitor's centre. Along the way back to the ship we stopped at the picturesque Struie Viewpoint to take in the panoramic highland vistas. The constant grey overcast did little to enhance the scene.

After a quick lunch aboard we walked through the local town and contributed to the local economy. I captured some of a number of murals painted on buildings in the main street of the town. Part of an initiative by the local Tourism Alliance to brighten the town. The same organisation arranged for the delivery of a 56-page colour tourist booklet to each stateroom aboard the ship. The town also hosts a Seafarer's Centre where the crew of visiting vessels are provided with free Internet time and light refreshments.

Back on board we made our way to the Theatre once again, this time to watch the Folkloric Show. A singer, a piper, an MC and four Highland dancers. They are a local amateur group and put on a delightful show. Just before we were due to sail, the Captain announced that there was a need to evacuate one of the passengers and they were awaiting an Ambulance.

Tonight at 19:00 we've been invited to a special event with the Captain. We are part of the Top 40 Princess Travellers on this cruise. All the senior staff were there and we were plied with drinks and canap├ęs. We also had our photo taken with the Captain and were handed the printed version in a folder before we left. We've only been recognised like this once before.

Tomorrow is a tendered port as we make for South Queensferry the port for Edinburgh.

Until next time. Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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Day at Sea off Scotland

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Today we sailed mainly Northward then changed course Eastward as we sailed across the North of Scotland. The weather has varied from fog to rain against a background of an overcast sky. The Westerly wind has stirred up the sea to produce some movement aboard.

Spent most of the day in the Theatre, starting with a Destination Lecture on Invergordon our next port of call. Shortly after there was a showing of the recent Caribbean Princess 'dry dock' documentary. After lunch we returned for a Destination Lecture on South Queensferry, the port for Edinburgh. After a brief break we embarked on a two hour movie "Arrival" staring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. Jenny is not keen on SiFi but managed to sit through this one.

Tonight is a formal night and also the Captain's Circle Cocktail Party. We were in two minds about attending. In the end, I went but Jenny stayed in the cabin.

Tomorrow we have a Shore excursion booked - another coach tour.

Until next time. Wishing you good health and safe travel.
Have a great day and stay well.
Cheers .. Tony

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